DFP Photography



DFP started 2 years ago with studio photo shoots for children and newborn. We expanded our photo shooting options with more props and more creative ideas.

It was either nine months ago that you got told that you are having a baby, you now have the little one running circles around your legs or you just gave that embarrassing goodbye kiss outside the gate at school. Either way, have you captured those moments in time that you will never get back? If not, now is the perfect time to keep those special times to either show off on your cellphone or pin up in the living areas for everyone to enjoy. Imagine having a lovely coffee table book for those family get-togethers.

At DFP we also do weddingfamilycorporate events and couple photo shoots.

Don’t let those seconds run away.

Suggested areas we can capture, edit and impress are scholar, holiday themes, natural, scenic, inspirational.

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